Hoppening is a free service to create and share concerts. It allows you to share an agenda of recommended concerts with the readers of your blog/website. You can customize the widget to match the visual theme of your blog. You can choose the size, the placement and the colors of the agenda.

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How does it work ?

You create an account on Hoppening and then you add new concerts here.

You can also clap concerts already added by other contributors. Every concert that you add or clap will automatically be displayed in the agenda embedded on your blog/website.

How do I install a widget on my blog/website ?

  • If you have a Wordpress site, you just need to install the plugin (Download here)
  • If you have another kind of site (Over-blog, Tumblr, etc), you just copy and paste the code displayed on your Account Settings page.
To install the widget, you will need the username indicated on your Acount Settings page.

How do I customize the agenda on my blog/site ?

With the Hoppening widget, you can choose:

  • The placement on your page (column, dedicated page, in a post, etc)
  • The size (height, width)
  • The colors (background and font color)

You can find some examples in this website demo

If you have a Wordpress website, a form with the different fields for customization will appear when you publish the agenda. For all other types of sites, you only need to change the values directly in the code which will be inserted in your content/page.

For any questions, you can contact(at)

If you are a venue which organizes concerts, send us a message as we have a special widget for you!

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